Friday, February 4, 2011

New Beginnings

I've been debating starting a blog for over 2 years! And now I have finally taken the plunge. I am hoping to chronicle my daily life and hope to learn some things about myself.

I'm applying to grad school. Or at least attempting too. I will be graduating this year with a degree pertaining to mental health. I'm terrified to apply though. Why? Because rejection really sucks. Because it's hard work and I have some anxieties to overcome. Even though I have always known I would go to grad school (and I will!) it's hard. Quitting is so much easier. Not even trying is so much easier. But where would I be if I didn't try? I would be unsatisfied and selling myself short. I will apply and maybe I won't make it. But I need to be willing to take the risk and see this thing through to the end!

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