Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tofu: Buffalo Wings Style

Buffalo "Wings" Salad to be exact! This was delicious. I stumbled upon Jessica's Nacho's and I became inspired. Actually I wanted to replicate it exactly for a Super Bowl party I was attending but then I got busy doing nothing.

In my mind I thought turning it into a salad instead would be a better idea for me to take on the go. I have a funny relationship with chicken though so I intended to get faux chicken but the grocery store I went to last night did not have any. So I checked out the chicken. It grossed me out. See I like chicken, sort of, but I prefer it fried and I prefer not to see it raw. It's probably because growing up I cooked chicken a lot. I thought it was easy to prepare and it was fairly cheap and maybe I've just had my fill of it.

Anyway, I saw some tofu and felt like it would make an interesting substitute and I just went with it. I've only actually prepared tofu once before many years ago and it did not turn out as well. I really don't remember it other than I didn't have a recipe and it was gross and my parents tried to say it was ok but I knew it was gross. My family was actually really awesome about letting me experiment when I was younger. They very rarely said no and if they did it was because the ingredient or tool was too expensive. I also very rarely had a game plan which may be why I wasn't always successful?

On to the salad...first I pressed the tofu for about 30 minutes but I think I probably should have pressed it more or just better. It was still a little wet but maybe that's how it's supposed to be? I cubed it up, added a little butter in the pan, and then put the tofu in to start browning up.

I mixed up a little melted butter and the wing sauce that I had on hand.

After I browned the tofu all up before I poured the sauce on. It definitely could have been better. It was just a little bit bland but maybe it's because I browned both sides for adding the sauce and it didn't have time to soak in?
While it was cooking up I prepped the salad and into the mix went: spring mix, red onion, grape tomatoes, black beans, avocado, and some blue cheese.

I later put a little bbq sauce on it and had some blue cheese dressing on the side that I schisted from work. Then I poured the buffalo tofu over the top and went to town on that baby! You should try it!

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